Latina Muslim Foundation

Latina Muslim Foundation

Help Us Fulfilling The Needs Of People

We need your help to raise donations to provide the facilities to refugees and homeless people

Raising donations for a good cause is a noble effort and can make a significant impact in the lives of refugees and homeless people. There are different channels you can  use to donate and be a part of our mission. That includes Online donations, or participate in our fundraising events, or via social media or via grants. Its all up to you how you want to help the refugees and homeless people who are in need of food and shelter .


Amount Collected

Amount Remaining $197,297.06

About Latina Muslim Foundation

The Latina Muslim Foundation’s Non-Profit Charitable Organization With The Underlying Mission Of Providing Humanitarian Relief Services To Muslims And All Humanity.

Our Mission & Vision

The Latina Muslim Foundation, a registered 501(C)(3), has been working in Tijuana Mexico serving the neediest of the region. These families consist of women who are single mothers with children, fathers who cannot find employment, and due to the lack resources and income, many are finding themselves homeless, without food, and the basic necessities for everyday survival. The Latina Muslim Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit “Public Charity” organization and has international status as an NGO, The Latina Muslim Foundation is registered in Tijuana, Mexico as a non-profit religious organization. Our Mission is to help those people and fulfill their needs.

Our Mission & Goals

Protect, Feed And Provide Shelter For Homeless

Our Mission is to help poor & needy people and the refugees and immigrants who are not able to get residence and foods and others needs,  we fulfill their needs.


We provide food to the needy and underserved people .


We provide shelters to the refugees and immigrants & homeless people.


We provide the transportation facilities to the immigrants .

How you make a difference

The Latina Muslim Foundation doesn’t discriminate between borders. We offer services for both our international refugees as well as our local underserved population here in San Diego. Whether refugees, immigrants, or low-income families, LMF does not turn anyone down. 

We work with those refugees who are in Mexico awaiting their asylum papers to be processed and are awaiting to be admitted to the US.

  • All this is provided free of cost until they reach their family and friends in the states.
  • we collaborate with other non-profit organizations to achieve this mission.
  • We are an integral part of their transition to their new home in America.

Message from
Latina Muslim Foundation

“I’m not a person who is going to hide the reality of what we do, regardless of their religion. Just because they are Muslims, we are not going to let them come to the United States or Mexico to hurt people. “

Sonia Garcia